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Audio: Donald Trump Explains “what disappoints me about Youngkin,” Who Trump Says “got elected because of me”

Trump claims Youngkin's campaign manager "said [Youngkin] did it without Trump...and I didn't like that."


This morning on right winger Hugh Hewitt’s show, former insurrectionist-and-traitor-in-chief Donald Trump had some things to say about Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, about whom Youngkin once said, “President Trump represents SO MUCH of why I’m running!” and “I was honored to receive President Trump’s endorsement.” But apparently, that wasn’t enough groveling for Trump. See below for audio, as well as a transcript, of what Trump had to say this morning; here are a few “highlights” (in air quotes):

  • Asked repeatedly whether he’d give Youngkin a nickname, Trump didn’t respond, but instead either changed the subject or complained about Youngkin’s (supposed) lack of groveling, gratitude, etc. for all of Trump’s (supposed) help for Youngkin in the 2021 gubernatorial campaign.
  • According to Trump, “what disappoints me about Youngkin” is that although Trump “endorsed him, which helped him greatly” and “meant a lot” – even doing a call with “440,000 people” (hahahaha, riiiiight!) – Youngkin was “gracious to me in writing,” but then his campaign manager “said [Youngkin] did it without Trump…and I didn’t like that.” According to Trump, Youngkin “did it with me…he got elected because of me, just like Ron DeSantis…but even more so.”
  • Trump also called Terry McAuliffe a “sleazebag,” said he knew Terry “very well.”



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