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Virginia Dems Blast VA GOP’s Nomination of Glenn Youngkin for Governor, Call Him a “far-right extremist who has demonstrated total allegiance to Donald Trump”

"Youngkin has gone all in on Trump's most dangerous, divisive conspiracy theories, and his extreme social agenda is clear"


See below for statements from the Democratic Party of Virginia, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, State Sen. Jennifer McClellan, etc. on the nomination last night of Glenn Youngkin by Virginia Republicans for governor.

Virginia Republicans Nominate Pro-Trump Extremist Glenn Youngkin for Governor

Richmond, VA — Today, after months of brutal infighting and a disastrous rigged convention, Republican insiders have nominated pro-Trump extremist Glenn Youngkin for governor. Youngkin’s nomination is just the latest sign that the Virginia GOP has been fully overtaken by Donald Trump’s dangerous extremism — and that this sprint to the far right will only continue in the general election.

In response to Glenn Youngkin’s nomination for governor, the Democratic Party of Virginia released the following statement from Chairwoman Susan Swecker:

“In Glenn Youngkin, the Virginia GOP has nominated a far-right extremist who has demonstrated total allegiance to Donald Trump. Throughout this campaign, Youngkin has advanced Trump’s dangerous election conspiracy theories, opposed critical COVID-19 relief for working families and small businesses, and threatened to gut Virginians’ health care. 

Virginians have repeatedly rejected Trump’s dangerous extremism — and this November, they will reject Glenn Youngkin too.”


Terry McAuliffe Statement on Extreme Republican Glenn Youngkin Buying GOP Nomination

MCLEAN, VA — Terry McAuliffe today released the following statement on the Republican gubernatorial nomination:

“For the past year, Virginians have witnessed Republican candidates fawn all over Donald Trump, parrot his dangerous and racist rhetoric, and fully embrace his extreme, right-wing agenda. Now, Glenn Youngkin has paid enough to purchase the Republican gubernatorial nomination so he can run Donald Trump’s dangerous playbook here in Virginia.  

“Glenn Youngkin has gone all in on Trump’s most dangerous, divisive conspiracy theories, and his extreme social agenda is clear: he wants to make it harder to vote, restrict access to reproductive health care, attack LGBTQ+ rights, and put more dangerous guns on our streets. He opposes President Biden’s critical efforts to recover from this pandemic and support working families, and if Glenn had his way, middle class Virginians would face higher taxes and health care costs while he hands giveaways to wealthy Wall Street executives like himself.

“Virginians deserve a governor who will continue to build on the incredible progress our Commonwealth has made over the past eight years. In the face of this COVID crisis, we’ve got to create good-paying jobs, expand access to health care, give every Virginia child a world-class education, and make it easier, not harder, for people to vote. We can’t let an extreme Republican like Glenn Youngkin take us back. I’ve beaten extreme Republicans like Glenn before, and I’m ready to do it again.”

McClellan Statement on GOP Nominee Glenn Youngkin

RICHMOND, Va. — Today, candidate for governor Senator Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond) released the following statement responding to the nomination of Glenn Youngkin as the Republican candidate for Governor. 

“It’s no surprise that a party that nominated their statewide candidates in a closed-door convention would nominate an candidate with a campaign built on attacking voting rights,” McClellan said. “Glenn Youngkin’s Trump-style politics have no place in the highest office in our Commonwealth. After the generational progress we’ve made in the General Assembly, Virginia cannot move backwards. 

“I’m ready to contrast my 15-year record of delivering progress for Virginia with Glenn Youngkin’s plans to undo progress and bring Trumpism to Richmond.  Virginia voters want a leader with the experience to build on the progress we’ve made on day one and the perspective to make sure that no community is left behind. That’s why my campaign’s grassroots momentum has grown over every corner of the Commonwealth. I bring the record, vision, and tenacity that will defeat Republican extremism at the ballot box this November.

“Since day one, I’ve spent my career fighting Republican-led efforts to restrict access to voting rights and health care. I’m proud to have carried some of the most consequential legislation reversing GOP-era policies that hurt communities across Virginia, like the Voting Rights Act of Virginia, the bill creating the state health exchange, the Reproductive Health Protection Act in more. 

“As Governor, I will protect the progressive change we have achieved over the past few years and usher in a new chapter for Virginia. I’ll take historic action on fully funding Virginia’s education system, making comprehensive reforms to our justice system, rebuilding our economic system to make Virginia number one for both business and workers, and more. It’s time to build a Commonwealth where no community and no Virginian is left behind, and that’s exactly what I’ll do as governor.” 


Jennifer Carroll Foy Campaign Statement on Nomination of Glenn Youngkin

“The GOP…would love nothing more than Terry McAuliffe as the Democratic nominee – someone they consider ‘a well-defined candidate who won’t animate the Democratic base.’”

(Woodbridge, VA) – Today, after a chaotic and divisive primary process that culminated in the nomination of out-of-touch millionaire Glenn Youngkin, Deputy Campaign Manager Kaylie Hanson Long released the following statement: 

“With the nomination of Glenn Youngkin, it’s clear that the Virginia Republican Party has doubled down on the kind of extremism and divisiveness that Virginians reject. The only way to stop the GOP from seizing the Governor’s mansion is to elect a candidate who understands Virginia’s challenges, has a plan to solve them, and will move the Commonwealth into the future. The GOP knows this, which is why they would love nothing more than for Terry McAuliffe to be the Democratic nominee – someone they consider ‘a well-defined candidate who won’t animate the Democratic base.’ 

“Del. Carroll Foy is the inspiring candidate for Governor who animates the base and will shake up the status quo. Her positive, fresh vision is energizing and exciting the broad, diverse coalition that will help Democrats win the Governor’s mansion and protect and expand the majority in the legislature so that Democrats can deliver real wins for working families. She has won big against Republicans before, and she’s ready to do it again against Glenn Youngkin in November.” 


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