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6th CD Republican Chair: “Only race pimps spend their time focusing on skin color or ethnicity”; “the average black or Hispanic or Asian child liked the portrait inside the School of the flamboyant [J.E.B.] Stuart”

2018 VA06 Dem nominee Jennifer Lewis: Massoud's comments "offer nothing but fear and negativity."


Check out the following from Jennifer Lewis – the 2018 Democratic nominee for U.S. House of Representatives in VA06 – about the latest lunacy from VA06 Republican Chair John Massoud. A few “highlights” (in air quotes) include the following (comments by me, in blue italics, after each Massoud quote):

  • Supposedly, “if you ask the average African American how they feel about this, they could [sic] care less” about whether schools are named after Confederate officers such as Stonewall Jackson. (Actually…a VCU poll last July found that 66% of “minority” respondents support relocating Confederate monuments to museums or removing them altogether, and that only 22% believe “Blacks in the U.S. are treated as fairly as whites.” Also note that the Hanover NAACP sued ” the local government and the school district over the use of Confederate names and symbols at a high school and middle school.” So…yes, African Americans do appear to care about this.)
  • According to Massoud, “most normal people don’t spend all their time thinking about race and how to be less offensive to minorities…Only race pimps spend their time focusing on skin color or ethnicity.”  (Note that the 2021 Virginia ticket and VA GOP has touted its diversity, with Winsome Sears, who is Black; and Jason Miyares, who is Cuban-American; for LG and AG, respectively. Does that make the Virginia GOP not “normal people,” in Massoud’s view?)
  • More on this topic from Massoud: “when the leftists renamed Jeb Stuart HS – the Fairfax County School Board said because the name Jeb Stuart, a Confederate Cavalry Commander was offensive to minorities. However the average black or Hispanic or Asian child liked the portrait inside the School of the flamboyant Stuart and didn’t want the name change. Seems to me that it’s more white liberals virtue signaling and covering up their racist past.” (Wuuuut?!?)
  • Massoud argues that “what [schools] should be teaching – math, science, English, ACCURATE history, and foreign languages – not wokealogy… schools are meant to educate, not indoctrinate” (In fact, schools *are* teaching math, science, English, history and foreign languages. As for whether the history is “accurate” or not, one of the main problems with it is that it glosses over many of the darker aspects of American history…such as slavery.)
  • And, of course, right wingers’ latest obsession: “People like Morgan McCown in Rockbridge have been leaders in speaking out against Critical Race Theory. School Board Member Ginger Burg in Amherst has been a leader in speaking out against CRT and other kitchen table issues important to parents…The anti CRT movement began in liberal Northern Virginia. It seems that the liberals really went too far this time.” (For more on this subject, see here.)
  • Movement conservatives are wanting to take back both Virginia and the Republic from the radical leftists who are trying to destroy us from within.” (In fact, Democrats are in the majority or plurality on almost every single issue, and the Democratic Party is very much NOT a party of “radical leftists.” In stark contrast, by almost any metric, including in comparison to other parties around the world, today’s Trump GOP is faaaaar right.)

Again, this guy’s the *chair* of the 6th Congressional District Republican committee, not just some random right wingnut spouting off on Facebook or whatever, but a pretty standard Trumpist Republican these days.  Disturbing…

Friends in the 6th Congressional District, please check this out. These screenshots are from the 6th District Republican chair. They offer nothing but fear and negativity.

The time is NOW to get involved, organize and run for office. Support local candidates with your money and volunteer time.

The Repubs are organizing to take over City Council, School Boards and other city boards/commissions.

The time is NOW to get engaged!


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