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Glenn Youngkin’s Week in Review: More Hiding, More Extremism, Fewer Answers for Virginians

"Why is Youngkin hiding from the debates? Is it because he’s scared to answer questions about his complete allegiance to Donald Trump?"


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

Glenn Youngkin’s Week in Review: More Hiding, More Extremism, Fewer Answers for Virginians

Richmond, VA — This week, Glenn Youngkin spent his days reminding Virginians that he is terrified of debating Terry McAuliffe and taking ever more extreme, out-of-touch positions that would be devastating for Virginia. Youngkin declined to accept any new debates, refused to join Terry’s call to support efforts to curb crime, continued to oppose the American Rescue Plan, and reminded voters of his complete allegiance to Donald Trump.

See below for a recap of another disastrous week for Glenn Youngkin’s flailing campaign.

Youngkin is Cowering in Fear of Debating Terry McAuliffe

Glenn Youngkin spent the week hiding in fear of Terry McAuliffe’s call for a robust schedule of five debates across the commonwealth. While Terry has accepted five debate invitations and is looking forward to sharing his views on the most important issues facing Virginia, Youngkin is still in hiding. Youngkin refused to accept a single new debate invitation and has spent the week avoiding questions about why.

Why is Youngkin hiding from the debates? Is it because he’s scared to answer questions about his complete allegiance to Donald Trump? Is he afraid to look 550,000 Virginians in the eye and tell them why he believes they don’t deserve health care? Is he unprepared to talk about his embrace of Amanda Chase and Corey Stewart? We don’t know — but Virginians are waiting for answers.

Youngkin’s Extreme Gun Agenda Would Make Virginians Less Safe

This week, when Terry McAuliffe voiced his support for President Biden’s comprehensive strategy to lower crime rates  and called on Youngkin to join him, Glenn refused. Instead of joining Terry, Youngkin hid from answering this important question while he went on Fox News twice to continue spreading the division and hate his campaign is founded on.

What Youngkin has made clear, however, is that he is advancing an extreme agenda that will leave more dangerous guns on the street. Just like his top endorser Donald Trump, Youngkin speaks and acts only with the NRA’s stamp of approval.

Youngkin’s Ludicrous Opposition to Virginia’s COVID-19 Recovery

Governor Northam’s announcement this week that 70% of Virginia adults have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was a critical step forward — and a testament to Democratic leadership’s role in getting Virginia and the country back on track. It is also evident that we couldn’t be here without the American Rescue Plan, which has delivered crucial relief to families, small businesses, and entire communities all across the commonwealth.

This news was also an important reminder that Glenn Youngkin and Virginia Republicans have opposed this vital pandemic relief at every turn. Every single Virginia Republican in Congress voted against the American Rescue Plan, and Youngkin has repeatedly attacked President Biden’s proposal, even as it helps Virginia’s economic recovery and provided over $77 million for vaccination efforts in Virginia.

Youngkin’s out-of-touch opposition to the American Rescue Plan once again illustrates how he will always put Republican hyperpartisanship ahead of Virginia. We need a governor who will fight for Virginia’s economic recovery — not against it.

Glenn Youngkin’s Best Pals: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Greg Abbott

This week, Youngkin once again told Virginians how completely honored he is to have the support of disgraced former president Donald Trump. Youngkin proudly boasted — once again — that he is “honored to receive” Trump’s endorsement. This is yet another reminder that Youngkin says Trump “represents so much” of why is running and refuses to separate himself from the former president on any policy area.

Not only has Youngkin pledged his complete allegiance to Trump, he is running as a staunch ally of extreme Republicans like Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott. This week, new reporting from The Dallas Morning News made that far-right alliance crystal clear. As reported:

The 2020 election and its aftermath only compounded the strong feelings about [Cruz]. Cruz promoted Trump’s unsupported claim that President Joe Biden and his allies stole the White House. He was one of the two most aggressive advocates of nullifying millions of votes in states Biden won. […]

Last Wednesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott endorsed Youngkin. […] “Glenn Youngkin will make an outstanding governor of Virginia,” Abbott said. […]

Virginia Democrats cited Abbott’s push for the controversial Senate Bill 7 to rewrite election rules, and his signature on laws banning abortion as early as six weeks and allowing Texans to carry handguns in public without a license or training.

See you next week, Glenn!


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