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Video: At Loudoun Rally, Glenn Youngkin Says Virginia Needs to Elect *ALL* Republicans Running This Year. Let’s Meet a Few of Them.

Winsome Sears, Dave LaRock, and several other far-right candidates.


Earlier tonight, Republican gubernatorial nominee spoke in Loudoun County at a rally against “Critical Race Theory.” At the start of his speech (note: see here for the full thing, if you’ve got the stomach to listen to this nonsense), Youngkin introduced other Republicans running for office this year, emphasizing that “this race is not about me, it’s about us – it’s about us,” and that “there’s a bunch of folks here that are running too that we have to elect ALL of them.” Who are these folks?  Below the video, check them out, including insurrectionist/extremist Del. Dave LaRock and several others who are verrrry far to the right.

Del. Dave LaRock (Faaaar-Right Republican, HD33)

Winsome Sears for Lt. Governor

Scott Pio for Delegate (HD32)

Greg Moulthrop for Delegate (HD87)

Nick Clemente


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