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Video: Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) Warns of Dangerous “Law Enforcement False Flag” About 1/6, Says It “Should Scare the Hell Out of People”

For Republican politicians, "If the base is believing this, and you think that's how you win an election, the truth doesn't matter."


See below for video and highlights from former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05)’s appearance yesterday morning on CNN (h/t Raw Story). Scary stuff which we all should listen be listening to…and taking action accordingly.

  • “[The false-flag FBI stuff about 1/6/21, etc.] is very effective...in about 2003/2004, when I was at NSA, we saw a lot of the 9/11 ‘trutherism’ type of theories come out. And when I saw the FBI thing from Tucker Carlson…it’s the exact same playbook, and that’s to make up that this is a false flag, that there’s some kind of internal thing going on in the government, it’s actors that came from the outside and planted people on the inside, so obviously this isn’t real. This is going out to the American people and specific groups and in this case it’s going after MAGA.”
  • “When you see these types of things, even on Facebook this morning…that should scare the hell out of people. This is something that’s very effective, I think it will be used in 2022 and I think it will be used for fund-raising also.”
  • “You know, I just do some searches on social media, and it said FBI is in sort of cahoots with DHS. I think what you’re going to see, there is going to be an entire law enforcement false flag instead of the ‘antifa’ false flag that we saw.”
  • “We knew three to four days afterwards that there were about seven white nationalist groups that were involved. This wasn’t ‘antifa,’ this wasn’t the FBI, this isn’t DHS, this isn’t BLM, this was far right activists, this was groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers…and QAnon believers. That’s who sieged the Capitol.”
  • What do Republicans get out of spreading this crap? “Uh, you win your primary. When you look at polling…fundraising…this is very effective for the base…If the base is believing this, and you think that’s how you win an election, the truth doesn’t matter. And that’s what I’ve been screaming about, that facts have to matter…”
  • What is the biggest culprit here? “It’s certainly a combination…A lot of it is a bubble-up from the bottom now….so you probably had a bubble-up from the dark corners of the internet up to ‘Revolver,’ which is a ridiculous rag, all the way up to Tucker Carlson with this millions of viewers that pushed this.”
  • It’s…about follow-the-money…power…winning elections….At that point, if politics has now gone into where you have a fantasy-based way of doing business, we’re really in trouble, because now you have a party that’s not based in reality or fact when you’re having policy discussions.  And instead they’re going to be running on 1/6, ‘antifa,’ false flags, or any other ridiculous conspiracy theories that you have out there.”
  • This is very difficult, because once it becomes a battle between good and evil, it becomes messianiac, almost apocalyptic, you’re gonna fight…That is very difficult to break. But I think when you’re looking at all the strategies that you’re seeing across the government and even in private/public partnerships, I think we have to have some kind of center for disinformation defense, we have to do something where we’re having private/public partnerships or groups from the outside that look at this information, identify those people pushing that are pushing disinformation. If they’re allowed to use their First Amendment to do this ridiculousness, we can use our First Amendment to fight this. And we need to use facts as a cudgel right now.  It’s very difficult. I think we have to do it with compassion, because when you get angry, people push back with even more good-against-evil type of righteous stuff. But at this point, if we don’t have some kind of overall whole-of-government and private/public partnerships that are looking at this data, we’re going to have a lot more trouble in the future, and it worries me about the 2022 election…This is baked in, and it’s going to be a real challenge to get it out.”


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