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WATCH: Terry McAuliffe on MSNBC Says “I Don’t Think Trump Has the Courage to Come Back to Virginia Because I’ve Beaten Him Twice”

Youngkin's "first speech after the nomination, he said he wants to ban abortions and put more guns on the street. That's who he is"


From the McAuliffe for Governor campaign:

WATCH: Terry McAuliffe on MSNBC with Chuck Todd
McAullife Says: “I Don’t Think Trump Has the Courage to Come Back to Virginia Because I’ve beaten Him Twice”
MCLEAN, VA – Terry McAuliffe joined Chuck Todd on MSNBC’s Meet the Press Daily to discuss his win in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. Terry McAuliffe decisively won a robust, high turnout Democratic primary, earning the vote of over 300,000 Virginians.
“It was the second-highest turnout we’ve ever had: people are excited,” Terry McAuliffe said. “I spent this whole campaign talking about issues. I had a 130-page policy plan talking about how I would lift up Virginians on education, affordable housing, how we lead this nation out of the COVID crisis. So I spent my time traveling the Commonwealth talking to folks about the issues they’re affected with every single day. I think that’s why you saw so many people — I built a huge coalition from all parts of our Commonwealth who endorsed my candidacy: big policy ideas, big coalition.”
“You are talking to the Governor who restored more felon rights than any Governor in American history. I was sued by the Republicans, sued for contempt of court. I never backed down. I banned the Confederate flag from the Virginia license plate. I banned the box. I reduced the juvenile justice population by two-thirds. I’ll put my record of progressive values against anybody in this country. At the same time Chuck, I was the biggest job creator. I inherited the largest deficit from the Republicans. I left a gigantic surplus, 200,000 new jobs,” said Terry McAuliffe.
“I talked about education. I had the biggest, boldest plan: $2 billion a year to invest in education. Get every single student online. Get all 40,000 at-risk 3- and 4-year-olds Pre-K. I don’t know what label you want to put on it, but I know as a Governor, if I build the best education system in the country, I will bring those jobs in. And Youngkin will be a job destroyer. I wrote the bid to Amazon, I got Nestle corporation to move here, I got CoStar to move here. They’re not coming to a state that discriminates against women, against gays. Extreme social agendas are what put walls up around your state. I knock walls down.”
“I got 62% of the vote in a five-person field. I got progressives, I got moderates, I got conservative Republicans, I got independents to show up for me. Because Chuck, I’m very results-oriented. They know I can come fix this economy, they know I can lead us out of this COVID crisis.”
Terry also slammed Donald Trump’s handpicked candidate Glenn Youngkin:
“Glenn Youngkin, my opponent, has said he’s in the race because of Donald Trump. Trump came out the next day and gave him his total endorsement. I’m not sure if Donald Trump has the courage to come to Virginia. I’ve run the ‘16 presidential, I ran Joe Biden’s campaign here in Virginia. We beat Trump by 400,000 votes. I know Youngkin wants him to come; I don’t think Trump has the courage to come back to Virginia because I’ve beaten him twice. This has some big implications to it, and let’s see what old Donald Trump wants to do. Mr. President, do you want to come to Virginia? I’ll beat you again.”
“His first endorsement after he got the nomination was Donald Trump. His first speech after the nomination, he said he wants to ban abortions and put more guns on the street. That’s who he is. He could be — believe it or not, I can’t believe I’m even saying this — this guy could be more extreme than Ken Cuccinelli if that is even possible. That’s just not where we want to go. He’s the one who is embracing Trump, I’m not. And I had a good talk with President Biden last night. I mean, we are unified. I talked to the candidates I ran against in the primary. We’re unified. We just put an e-mail out an hour ago, and within an hour, all 50 states, people went to www.terrymcauliffe.com to give me money. They don’t want this state going backwards, they want us to go forward. And they want the Democrats with big, bold progressive ideas who can build great economies, create great jobs with family/medical leave, paid sick days; I want a raise, get the $15 minimum wage moved up to 2024. Those are practical solutions to issues that families are facing.”

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