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Video: Far-Right Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05) Absurdly Claims a Mask Mandate on Schoolkids “Really Amounts to Child Abuse”


The following comments aren’t surprising, given Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05)’s consistently bats***, far-right, extremist record (for instance, see Professor Larry Sabato: “Great job, voters in VA-5. You elected a real loony toon” (Congressman-elect Bob Good: “This looks like a group of people that gets it. This is a phony pandemic”). But still…outrageously claiming that requiring school children to wear masks is “child abuse” and falsely claiming that wearing masks doesn’t make any difference in combatting the spread of COVID-19 (as actual health experts all understand). Anyway, how how HOW on earth do nutjobs like Good get elected? In this case, VA05 voters had the alternative in November 2020 of electing a brilliant, young, African-American doctor named Cameron Webb. But no. Just maddening…


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