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Fox News Poll of Virginia: McAuliffe Up 5 Pts. (51%-46%) Among Likely Voters, 11 Pts. (52%-41%) Among Registered Voters (Up From +4 Pts. In Fox’s Late-September Poll)

Biden 50%-48% (+2 pts) among Registered Voters, Trump at 39%-57% (-18 pts)


Obviously, Fox News is a right-wing cesspool, but their polling mostly seems on the level. Which is why it’s good to see that their latest poll, just released this evening, has Terry McAuliffe up 5 points (51%-46%) among likely voters. See below for a few more highlights, including:

  • Among *Registered Voters*, Terry McAuliffe leads by 11 points (52%-41%), up from +4 points (48%-44%) in their late-September poll.
  • “Voters split over Biden’s performance: 50 percent approve vs. 49 percent disapprove.”
  • “McAuliffe’s personal ratings are in positive territory by a net +8 (52 percent favorable vs. 44 percent unfavorable). Youngkin is in the green as well, by a smaller +3 margin (48 percent favorable vs. 45 percent unfavorable).”
  • “Views of current Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam are also barely favorable, receiving a net +2”
  • “Trump is underwater by 9 points (44 percent favorable vs. 53 percent unfavorable)” among likely voters.  Trump is underwater by 18 points (39% favorable vs. 57% unfavorable) among registered voters.
  • “By a 10-point margin, voters think parents should tell schools what to teach (53 percent should-43 percent should not). That increases to 23 points among parents (57-34 percent).”
  • 56% of McAuliffe voters say they are “extremely” interested in the VA governor’s race, with another 42% saying they are “very” interested. As for Youngkin voters, it’s 62% “extremely” and 36% “very.”
  • Very few voters say they might change their minds at this point (10% of likely McAuliffe voters, 9% of likely Youngkin voters)
  • 49% of voters say they’ll vote in-person on election day; 32% say early/in-person; 15% say early/by-mail.


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