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President Biden Endorses 21 Virginia Legislative Candidates Who Will Fight to Build Back Better in the Commonwealth


From the DLCC:

President Biden Endorses Virginia Legislative Candidates
The president endorsed 21 candidates who will fight to build back better in the commonwealth

WASHINGTON — Today President Joe Biden has endorsed a slate of Democratic candidates running for the Virginia House of Delegates this November. In two short years, the General Assembly has delivered results for Virginia’s working families. With their majority, Democrats strengthened voting rights, repealed anti-abortion laws, protected the LGBTQ community from discrimination, created tuition-free community college programs, and made Virginia a better place for workers while helping small businesses recover from COVID.

“Building back better starts in the states,” said President Biden. “Since flipping the legislature in 2019, Democrats in Virginia have been a model of progress – from helping us vaccinate folks and beat the pandemic, strengthening voting rights and expanding reproductive rights, to creating tuition-free community college and an environment for workers and businesses to thrive. To continue the progress, as we work to elect Terry McAuliffe as Governor, we need to elect Democrats up and down the ballot to keep the Virginia House blue this November.”

“Since taking the majority, Democrats have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of every Virginian across the commonwealth,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “These Democrats stand for working families and are fighting for the values that we hold dear as Americans. Virginia has been a shining example of the progress Democrats can make when they are in power and now these historic advancements are under attack by radical Republicans. The choice is clear, and it is all hands on deck to make sure we elect Democrats up and down the ballot this November.”

See the full list of supported candidates below:

Lashrecse Aird – HD 63
Alex Askew – HD 85
Joshua Cole – HD 28
Eileen Filler-Corn – HD 41
Kelly Fowler – HD 21
Debra Gardner – HD 27
Wendy Gooditis – HD 10
Nancy Guy – HD 83
Elizabeth Guzman – HD 31
Dan Helmer – HD 40
Candi King – HD 2
Kim Melnyk – HD 84
Martha Mugler – HD 91
Michelle Maldonado – HD 50
Mike Mullin – HD 93
Finale Norton – HD 100
Danica Roem – HD 13
Briana Sewell – HD 51
Shelly Simonds – HD 94
Schuyler VanValkenburg – HD 72
Rodney Willett – HD 73

These Democrats are running on a popular legislative record. But as the first post-Trump off-year election, Democrats can’t take anything for granted. Now is the time to ring the alarm, build on our momentum from special elections, and firmly stand in the way of Republican destruction by electing Democrats to lead the commonwealth on Election Day.


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