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Three Front-Page WaPo Stories on the VA Governor’s Race…and They All SUCK (Hell, They Even Describe Youngkin as a “6 foot 5 Mystery Date” – WTF???)

"How much did Youngkin pay for this whitewash job?"; "What is this? A campaign ad for Youngkin, WAPO?"


I’m not even going to link to them because they suck so bad, but if you go to the WaPo right now, you’ll see not one, not two, but THREE front-page articles on the Virginia governor’s race. So, it’s good news that the media’s finally tuning in to this important election, right? You’d think so, but…have you read these articles?!?  This is “journalism?” Yikes. See below for some thoughts on this driveling idiocy…including from the comments sections of the WaPo stories.

  • “I am sorry, but someone who believes in policies supported by the Democratic Party would not vote for Trump once, much less twice. And regarding Mr. Carlson declaring that he voted for Clinton and Obama, I found it interesting that he was silent as to who he voted for in 2016 and 2020.  Again, does not sound like someone who supports Democratic positions, but calls himself a Democrat.”
  • “‘Mystery date’? 🙄 Puh-leaze. In probably the longest article I’ve seen in the Washington Post in the last year, the author does her darndest to make sure to glamorize and humanize this supposedly wonderful, christian guy. A guy so arrogant and selfish that he didn’t even discuss with his wife his thoughts before he quit his massive paying gig. Because, after all, why would you talk about that with your spouse beforehand, discuss as equal partners what’s on your mind and what’s best for each other and your family?  Yeah, what a peach. 🙄 He has voted for Republicans for the last God knows how many years, giving them hundreds of thousands of dollars, and continued to do so even as they bent to Trump’s every evil wish, rationalizing in his pointy little head that because he didn’t vote for Trump it was OK  This guy who now professes anything and everything Trump in his current mini-me mold. Anti-women’s rights. Anti-vaccine. Anti-mask. He’s a horror show. A flip-flop for the generations. He has his own selfish reasons for running for governor and it isn’t to follow the law or take care of the people. He is everything wrong with the Republican Party and he is completely wrong for Virginia. I voted in person yesterday for Terry McAuliffe. I recommend everybody in Virginia who is reading this and has not yet voted to do the same. It took literally 5 minutes. Do not trust DeJoy’s Post Office (further proof that everything Trump touches dies). Go in person.  Don’t fall for this grifter’s act because that is all it is – an act.”
  • “Let me sum it up for you: he  will say anything to get elected.  But make no mistake, Younking is a dangerous GOP extremist.  He is Anti vaccine, anti mask, anti democracy and anti abortion.     Do not fall for it, vote him out.”
  • “His association with Ted Cruz by itself should be sufficient to torpedo him. This is a battle between democracy and autocracy. There is no middle ground. Virginians please do right!”
  • “How much did Youngkin pay for this whitewash job?”
  • “What is this? A campaign ad for Youngkin, WAPO?”

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