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Virginia AG Mark Herring Requests State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Produce Evidence of Alleged Election “Cheating”

Spoiler: she won't produce evidence, because of course there isn't any...


From AG Mark Herring’s office (spoiler: Chase will NOT produce evidence because, of course, there isn’t any):

RICHMOND (October 28, 2021)—Attorney General Mark R. Herring today requested that Senator Amanda Chase provide his Office with the alleged evidence of election “cheating” that she claims to have found and shared with a gubernatorial campaign.“Let’s be clear: these kinds of baseless, false claims are simply designed to undermine confidence in our democracy and our elections,” said Attorney General Herring. “If Senator Chase has any evidence of cheating or voter fraud then she has an obligation to bring it to the attention of authorities who can do something about it rather than secretively sharing this supposed ‘evidence’ with political allies.”

In an interview yesterday, Senator Chase stated that “I know how Democrats are cheating, and that information has been given to the Youngkin campaign.”

In a letter today, Attorney General Herring’s office wrote to Senator Chase saying that “if you have evidence of ongoing election fraud, cheating, or misconduct, please contact [OAG] as soon as possible so we may make arrangements to receive and review it.”


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