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Virginia Early Voting Hits 858k; Record Early/In-Person Votes Cast Wednesday; Strong Early Voting in “Blue” Northern Virginia


See below for the latest on Virginia early voting, courtesy of VPAP and Sam Shirazi, who’s doing a great job with these early-morning (and throughout-the-day) updates! Some highlights include:

  • Early voting and in-person early voting hit 857,588 (plus 128,534 mail ballot applications).  Yesterday, there were 56,368 votes cast early/in-person, breaking the previous record of 53,115 set the day before.
  • It’s VERY tricky to compare to previous election cycles, since a ton of different things were going on (e.g., last year, it was a super-intense presidential election, with COVID in full swing, with an enormous push by Democrats to get their votes in early, with Trump demonizing early voting, with major problems at the US Postal Service, etc, etc.), but with all those MAJOR caveats, at about the same point last year, ~90k votes were cast early/in-person.
  • All early voting by CD: VA10 (113,948); VA08 (104,668); VA07 (107,112); VA01 (102,313); VA11 (95,521); VA04 (92,265); VA05 (83,552); VA02 (81,178); VA06 (78,490); VA03 (69,659); VA09 (57,416)
  • In-person early voting by CD: VA07 (69,762); VA01 (69,703); VA10 (67,207); VA04 (63,721); VA05 (55,929); VA08 (55,425); VA06 (53,867); VA02 (51,596); VA11 (48,614); VA03 (41,105); VA09 (39,609) 
  • In-person/by-mail voting by CD: VA08 (30,048); VA11 (28,480); VA10 (28,449); VA07 (25,152); VA01 (22,614);  VA02 (19,352); VA05 (19,098); VA03 (19,048); VA04 (18,338); VA06 (17,553); VA09 (12,918)
  • “Another record day of early voting on Wednesday with over 56K in person and over 8K mail for almost 65K early votes in one day! Likely early vote will continue to rise until the grand finale on Saturday when we should hit 1M early votes ” – Sam Shirazi
  • “Big picture early vote: we are at 850K. That number will be well over 1M at the end. Probably won’t get to 1.3M (50% of 2017 total vote), but a lot of votes. Some areas will see near majority of their votes cast early. Other areas (particularly SW) will only see small minority.” – Sam Shirazi
  • “Let’s start with Arlington early vote day after Biden rally and Trump tease of visit. Over 2K voted in person and they processed nearly 1K mail ballots. These will be heavily Democratic votes that will be banked.” – Sam Shirazi
  • “Alexandria had best day on in person voting with 1,241 votes and an additional 476 mail ballots. Rest of Northern Virginia continues strong in person early voting with numbers for Wednesday: Fairfax County: 8,014 Prince William: 2,474 Loudoun: 2,387” – Sam Shirazi
  • “I haven’t talked about Chesapeake City, but it is big swing area in Hampton Roads. It has best early vote in region and my guess both Rs and Ds voting heavily. It seems like swing areas are highly engaged because both parties pay attention to those places.” – Sam Shirazi
  • “Early vote going well in college areas. While most people know about Charlottesville, most of the population is in the surrounding Albemarle County. It had over 1K votes cast in person and by mail Wednesday. This is on top of 400 cast in Cville itself.” – Sam Shirazi



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