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What If They Held a Virginia AG Debate But Nobody Knew It Was Taking Place, There Was No Live Stream, etc?

No doubt, if we could have actually seen it, there would have been glaring difference between highly effective and progressive AG Mark Herring and extremist/Trumpist Jason Miyares...


This morning’s Virginia AG debate at the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce wasn’t well publicized at all (in fact, a bunch of politically plugged-in people, myself included, weren’t even aware of it!), nor was there any live stream…and no sign of any media coverage so far today. Which is all very strange, given that there are only 20 days until election day, that there’s only been one AG debate so far (back on June 15), and that there’s been almost zero exposure of Jason Miyares’ extreme record and policy proposals. That’s unfortunate, both because as a general principle the public should have the opportunity to see important forums like these, and also because IMHO, the more the public knows about Miyares, the more likely they’ll be to turn out and vote…to reelect AG Mark Herring for another term, and to keep Miyares as far away as possible from that office!

P.S. I’ll add more info and video if and when we ever get it…



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