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Audio: On Lou Dobbs’ Podcast This Morning, Donald Trump Said Youngkin Wrote Him a “Beautiful Letter”; Says Youngkin Would NOT Have Won Without Him


Gotta love this: Trump said on on Lou Dobbs podcast this morning (at 24:56):

“If you look at the governor of Virginia, without my support he would not have won…I helped him, he wrote me a beautiful letter, I helped him a lot and I’m glad I helped him – nice guy, good guy and he wouldn’t have won….”

Recall that in the runup to Virginia election day 2021, Youngkin was in a super-awkward dance with Trump — doing what he could to distance himself from the highly unpopular Trump, while also trying to keep the support of the “Trumpist” base. So now, according to Trump himself, Youngkin wouldn’t have won without his support, and Youngkin even wrote a “beautiful letter” to Trump, presumably thanking him. Very telling. It also belies Youngkin’s absurd claim about how “the era of divisive politics is over,” if Youngkin’s own extreme, divisive campaign and policies weren’t enough to make a mockery of that claim…


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