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Video: VA Del. Marcus Simon Says Youngkin’s “Tip Line” Is “Scary to Those of Us Who Have Studied History,” Represents “Creeping Authoritarianism” Where Citizens “Rat Each Other Out”

As if on cue, the VA House GOP Leader immediately jumps up to declare his undying fealty to the dear leader...


See below for video of an excellent speech, delivered by Del. Marcus Simon (D) earlier today on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates. As VAPLAN summarizes, Del. Simon said that Gov. Youngkin “spoke about unity but his actions have served to pit parents against parents against teachers.” Most recently, Youngkin actually started up a “tip line to report violations of some unknown doctrine about what is an appropriate thing to teach.” As Del. Simon pointed out, this is “scary to those of us who have studied history in school,” that it “reminds us…of some really unpleasant periods in the world’s history, where you have governments encouraging their citizens to rat each other out, to report violations of the doctrine of the state that’s approved…what you’re allowed to say and not say in a classroom.” Del. Simon pleaded with Republicans to recognize that “this is not a policy that is appropriate” in Virginia, to stand up to Youngkin on this “creeping authoritarianism,” etc.  Sadly, the response was as pathetic as it was predictable, with House Majority Leader Terry Kilgore (R) immediately popping up to state his undying loyalty to his dear leader, Gov. Youngkin. Great, huh?


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