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Video: In Powerful Speech. VA Del. Cia Price Rips Republicans’ Voter Suppression Bills, “Gaslighting” and “Dangerous” “Attempts to Undermine Our Democracy”

"Words matter" and "actions speak louder than our words"


See below for video of a superb speech by Del. Cia Price (D-Hampton/Newport News) earlier today. Here are a few highlights:

  • “Words matter...On Wednesday, we heard from our Speaker that you’d be the Speaker for all. And on Saturday, the new governor said, ‘no matter who you voted for, I pledge to be your advocate, your voice, your governor. So some of us want to know what those words mean in the face of attempts to undermine our democracy with Republican bills that disproportionately affect communities of color – specifically Black voters, older voters, younger voters and disabled voters. Are they not deserving of an advocate?”
  • “I don’t just get to spout the words out that make people feel good, then do the detrimental work to undermine their [voting] rights. The gaslighting has got to stop.”
  • “Virginians also need to keep their eyes on the House and the Senate of Virginia…as the proposed legislation…are a part of a strategic, national, targeted and comprehensive plan to undermine our democracy. We are seeing bills that will roll back the historic ease of voting that we all experienced in 2021, and the protections that were enacted.”
  • The bills this year are nothing short of dangerous, and show that there is a deep chasm between some of the polished words and speeches we have heard and some of the legislation…Dishonesty and misinformation continue to weaken and threaten our political system.”
  • “We are hearing rumors of voter fraud, but I do not hear those same people questioning the results of their elections that brought us a new administration and new House members…we either need to investigate the outcome of the [2021] elections or not.”
  • “If we really want to be judged by the content of our character, then please know our actions speak louder than our words.”


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