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VA Senate Majority Leader Says “one must question Miyares’s motives” in Heaphy Firing, Appointment of “Koch brothers’ major fundraiser”; Rips “Dynamic Duo” of Glenn Youngkin and Jim Justice


The Virginia Senate Majority Leader, Dick Saslaw, weighs in – and NAILS IT! – on fellow right wingnuts Glenn Youngkin and Jason Miyares:

  • “Earlier this week, Governor Youngkin joined forces with West Virginia’s Governor, Jim Justice, in an attempt to allow unvaccinated healthcare workers to fill staffing shortages in hospitals. This is despite a U.S. Supreme Court-reinforced healthcare worker national vaccine mandate. The tone-deafness and anti-science nature of this political pair’s decision are surprising even for this dynamic duo.”
  • “Virginia’s Attorney General [Jason] Miyares took office less than three weeks ago but has already made headlines for all the wrong reasons. While his decisions to fire the well-respected counsels of UVA and GMU — Tim Heaphy and Brian Walther, respectively, were bad enough, when viewed through the lens of Heaphy’s service to the Congressional panel investigating the January 6 Capitol Insurrection, one must question Miyares’s motives. It’s also no coincidence that Miyares has already announced that Anne Gentry, the spouse of a Koch brothers’ major fundraiser, will serve as Walther’s successor.”


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