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Who Has the “Pedo Grifters” Nutjob Elise Stefanik (R), Who Spews the “Language of Civil War,” Endorsed in Virginia?

Stefanik also praised Youngkin's supposedly "historic and electrifying victory" over supposed "Socialist" policies...


As you’ve probably seen, the third-ranking Republican in the US House, Rep. Elise Stefanik, is busy these days spewing “the language of Civil War,” “the language that precedes sectarian violence,” ranting about “pedo grifters” (WTF?) and how Democrats are supposedly “illegals, criminals, Communist Truth Ministers,” etc. (for screenshots, see below). Now, on one level it’s possible to roll one’s eyes and believe that this is just normal political rhetoric, hyperbole, etc. And on another level…WTF, of course you can’t (or shouldn’t) do any of those things!! Because none of this normal in the slightest bit! Unless, of course, you’ve been totally numbed to the escalating, extremist, dangerous, anti-democracy, racist, etc. rhetoric by Republicans. Which is exactly what they want, by the way.

Anyway, with that in mind, who has this dangerous, f’ed-up individual announced she’s supporting for Congress from Virginia? See below for Stefanik’s endorsements of: Jen Kiggans in VA02; Crystal Vanuch in VA07; and Jeanine Lawson in VA10. For more on these Stefanik-endorsed candidates, see:

Oh, and needless to say, an endorsement from American fascist Elise Stefanik should be 100% disqualifying. Period, end of story.


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