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Hanover County High School Senior Ethan Lynne Urges: “Please pay attention to the far-right takeover happening in my own county”

Hanover Board of Supervisors appoints extremist to School Board, who "pledges to use a 'biblical worldview' to 'analyze policies and curriculum'"


Check out the following, important Twitter thread by Ethan Lynne, on the “far-right takeover happening in my own county.” Specifically, as Lynne writes: ” About this time last week, Johnny Redd was confirmed 5-2 by the Board of Supervisors as a new School Board Member for Hanover County. Below is a TERRIFYING RTD quote from Mr. Redd abt how he will approach serving our school district…Overall, this decision is so so terrifying for not only parents of transgender or diverse students, but for anyone that believes in the separation of church & state.”

Also, for more background, see this story (“Hanover Board of Supervisors Appoints ‘most extreme of the 8 candidates nominated’ to the School Board”; This guy pledges to use a ‘biblical worldview’ to ‘analyze policies and curriculum’ & rants against an ‘evil tide to carry THE CHILDREN to a point where they are brainwashed'”)


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