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Video: At Summit of the Americas, Sen. Tim Kaine Hits Trump for Not Coming Four Years Ago, Stresses the Importance of Being “Present” for Our “Vecinos”


See below for video of Sen. Tim Kaine, speaking at the Summit of the Americas yesterday in Los Angeles. According to Sen. Kaine:

  • I’ll tell you what stings, when people say ‘you’re not present’…and that’s been a critique of the U.S. under multiple administrations…This summit, four years ago, the president of the United States decided it wasn’t worth coming. But here in Los Angeles, we’re not only hosting, the president, the vice president, the Speaker, the Secretary of State, other Cabinet secretaries, other agency heads, a great delegation from Congress, we’re present. And this is what I really appreciate about President Biden. It’s not just now. When he came in and the pandemic was flipping the entire world, the American Rescue Plan…that passed by one vote in the Senate included dramatic funds for vaccine diplomacy in the Americas…So my hope is, and especially with the president’s announcement this afternoon about this L.A. Charter on migration and the integration of migrants, this is just one more step forward to show that the U.S. is very present and it’s going to be increasingly present with our companeros, with our vecinos…”


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