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Video: Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05), Who Worked with 1/6 Committee, Says Closed-Door Testimony Was “Game Changer”; Also “Don’t think this is the end…more data’s coming in”

Riggleman: "January 6th deniers should be very frightened...very concerned."


Speaking last night on ABC, former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) had the following to say:

  • “When I heard that line about dishonor, it really struck me, because it sort of pulverized the whole ‘peaceful tourist’ messaging that was coming from the far right.”
  • “I think [Liz Cheney] was sending a message that we have the facts, and when you have blunt-force facts…it’s very difficult to get around the fact that individuals who say that this was not an insurrection…I think they’re going to have a tough time living with that in the future.
  • “What did surprise was their effective use of the closed-door testimony…I think that’s a game changer, it’s very difficult to get around that…It was also that word ‘coordination.'”
  • “I don’t want to say that tonight proved it wasn’t a sham, because we knew that from the beginning, but what tonight proved is that this committee’s on point…January 6th deniers should be very frightened…very concerned.”
  • Don’t think this is the end…as more data’s coming in…I think you’re going to see more hearings...I believe they have more data that’s pouring in…more people are going to be willing to talk, I think this was a very effective night for the committee.”


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