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Video: Prior to Monday’s 1/6 Hearings, Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) Says Trump Was Told He Lost the Election, Yet Continued to Falsely Claim He Won

Rep. Luria: "all of these actions...were truly in my mind...I think that they were truly criminal in nature."


See below for video of Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) speaking this morning on CNN about today’s hearings of the 1/6 committee, of which she is a member. According to Rep. Luria:

  • “…the people closest to Trump…they knew and they talked about and they discussed the fact  they didn’t win but nonetheless on January 4 he went up and essentially told the nation he won this.”
  • Does it matter regarding Trump’s culpability if he didn’t believe that he lost the election? Rep. Luria responded, “I think it does matter…what matters is the data and the numbers. And then, if you don’t agree with that or you have issues with some of the vote counts…you take it to the courts…62 cases, 61 of those were determined to essentially not have any validity, the 62nd it was mildly in favor of their argument but it didn’t affect the outcome whatsoever.
  • We will definitely address the false claims about Dominion voting machines…the focus of today’s hearing is really to go through the details of this idea that Trump won when he didn’t and we’ll go through all the elements with a series of five witnesses…”
  • Trump was told that he did not win…we will talk about that in depth…We have direct testimony, some of which we’ll hear today, that people had conversations directly with the former president to tell him that he did not win and he was provided all of the information to show that…”
  • “What we’ll hear will show that in the conversations he knew privately that he had lost, yet he decided to go out into the public and continue to say that he won. And he’s still doing that today…traveling around the country, having these big rallies, essentially telling the world that he won…[but] he did NOT win.”
  • We are laying out a roadmap for the American people to understand all of the facts and I think the Justice Department is watching very closely…all of the information the committee has collected will be shared with the Department of Justice in a way that they can evaluate it…there are facts to show that a crime could have been committed…three specific laws that could have been violated, including…defrauding the American people, obstructing a Congressional proceeding…we will show how all of these actions…were truly in my mind…I think that they were truly criminal in nature.”
  • “What we have uncovered is that…the people who were planning this…it was a deliberately planned attack…the Proud Boys went to the Capitol…There was coordination, there were conversations, there were links…We will go through all of this…”
  • On members of Congress seeking presidential pardons: “There is evidence. We have the receipts, essentially, to show that Congressman Perry and then others did explicitly request pardons from the Trump White House…” 


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