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Video: Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) Says Trumpist/Insurrectionist “Conspiracy” “Still Exists,” and Exposing It Is More Important That “Worrying About Reelection”

Rep. Luria: "I think that everyone should pay attention to this."


This morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) had the following to say (see transcript and video, below) about tonight’s televised January 6th committee hearing.

  • “Well, this is the introduction of the committee to the public of the work we’ve been doing over almost a year. As you’ve mentioned earlier, we’ve interviewed over 1,000 people. We have over 140,000 documents. It’s been really an extensive investigation, a detailed investigation, and this will essentially be the opening statement of the committee’s presentation of that information to the public. And I think that everyone should pay attention to this.
  • “I think that, you know, where I stand right now on January 6th was overrun with rioters, violent people who wanted to attack the system of our government and our democracy and stop the certification of the election results that were happening just a few feet away. But it wasn’t just about that day. It wasn’t just about that violence. It was about all the things that led up to it. It was about all of those forces and factors that led to a point where violence was the tool that was used to influence the government. You know, I think that we really need to understand what continues today, the threat that still exists moving forward. And I know that our hearings over the next few weeks will really lay that out for the American public.”
  • “I hope the way we display this information to the public through the course of the hearings will make it abundantly clear that there was truly a conspiracy at play here, that all levers of government were being used to try to subvert the results of the election, to try to keep the former president in office. And as we move forward with these hearings, the committee will make recommendations, recommendations that we can use to try to prevent something like this from happening in the future. As the hearings progress, I think that the committee will make the recommendations that are appropriate relative to the information we’ve gathered.”
  • I think the work of this committee is incredibly important. I think that we have to get to the facts. We have to get to the truth. And getting to that information, finding out what happened that day, preventing something like this in the future, that is more important than my worrying about re-election or political future. And I understand, being a Democrat that represents a district that leans Republican, that this could be unpopular amongst people in my district. You ask what do I hear from people. Anecdotally, when I’m out and about around the community, the most common thing people walk up to me …and say is thank you for your work, thank you for your work on the committee. So if there is a question about whether this will cut through with the American people, there are people who come up to me who are very unlikely for those to be the first things they say to me, but it is. So I think people are paying attention.”


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