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Video: Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) Says Attacks on Cassidy Hutchinson Like “The Godfather”; People Trying to Disparage Hutchinson’s Testimony “need to remember that ones and zeroes are pretty irrefutable”


See below for video and a few highlights of former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) – and former advisor to the 1/6 Select Committee – speaking yesterday with Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

  • “It’s disturbing…but not surprising” that someone on former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ behalf tried to influence Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony.
  • According to former Rep. Riggleman, “it’s very easy to find out who might be doing that…the committee has resources and date to find out who might have called Cassidy…”
  • Former Rep. Riggleman called Cassidy Hutchinson “just a very impressive individual,” adding that “seeing the attacks that are hitting her right now, the fact that she was getting text messages or phone calls to try to persuade her to ‘do the right thing’  when it comes to the Republicans…underneath Donald Trump, it just shows you what that ecosystem looks and the kind of pressure they can put to you…it’s sort of ‘The Godfather’ type of negotiation.”
  • On witness tampering possibly undermining the committee’s ability to get to the truth, former Rep. Riggleman said “even if there has been some kind of blocking maneuver going on with…witnesses…I think that when you see the next few hearings and even up to the report…I think the committee has done an incredible job in presenting the evidence, and I do think that very good things are coming down the pike when you’re talking about what the committee’s about to show, especially  with operational planning.”
  • “When you put together data and interviews, that can be a sledgehammer, and if individuals come out and they refute sworn testimony, you’d better have your ducks in a row…the committee doesn’t like to come out with data or facts unless they have something in their back pocket. So when you see the screaming that’s going on on social media or individuals trying to disparage Cassidy or the committee, they need to remember that ones and zeroes are pretty irrefutable. So I would just warn individuals if they come after the committee or they come after people who have facts and truth on their side, it could very well…really hit you on the backside. And I don’t like to call people morons…but I think they have to be very careful in what they’re doing if they don’t have data and facts on their side.”


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