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Video: On Meet the Press, Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) Promises 1/6 Committee Report Before January 3, 2023; Says “we’re not looking at it through a political lens of the midterm elections”


See below for video of Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) on “Meet the Press” this morning (I’ll add more as new clips are available). According to Rep. Luria:

  • There will be a January 6th committee report before January 3, 2023.  According to Rep. Luria, “We’re not looking at it through a political lens of the midterm elections, we’re looking at it through getting to the truth about the events of January 6th. We’re actively continuing the investigation, and on a parallel path working on putting together the information for the report. Now recommendations…that’s the most important part of this…to prevent something like this in the future.”
  • Rep. Luria said she has “no indication right now” that former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will cooperate further with the committee. She adds that Meadows’ information would be “incredibly helpful,” but “we’ve been able to piece together so much” anyway.
  • Rep. Luria said the “floodgates have opened” for the 1/6 committee receiving information, that they had thought this week’s hearing would be the final hearing, but “so many more witnesses have come forward, we’ve got new information that we’re requesting and receiving as well from the Secret Service…There’s still so much out there that we don’t fully understand yet.”
  • Rep. Luria said one of the most “disturbing” things about these hearings is that “there’s a lot of people who are professionals who have information, but they’ve seen what happened in the Trump White House to people who came forward, and how they had retribution, retaliation. I think that people fear that if Donald Trump ever came near the White House again, they’d have a target on their backs.” Rep. Luria added that “we have to respect the privacy, in this case anonymity, and safety of these people, both from a physical safety standpoint but also for them to be able to continue their roles in government unimpeded…If the Trump administration were to come back again, these people, they fear retaliation.”
  • On the Justice Department, Rep. Luria said “I sure as hell hope they have a criminal investigation at this point into Donald Trump…Merrick Garland has already told us he’s listening, and if he’s watching today, I’d tell him he doesn’t need to wait on us, because I think he has plenty to keep moving forward.”
  • Rep. Luria said, “I admire Liz Cheney, I’ve been friendly with her ever since I came to Congress even before we served on this committee together. And I think if she doesn’t come through this primary and come back to Congress, there are so many things that she can do in the future for our country…Her voice is absolutely needed and I think she’s one of unfortunately a very small number of people who need to be the face of the Republican Party in the future. I would love to get back to where we had two political parties that debate on issues and facts and not lies, and I really hope that Liz Cheney will continue…”


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