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On Right-Wing Radio, Former Deputy AG Monique Miles – Who AG Jason Miyares Fired After Her Posts Celebrating the 1/6/21 Insurrection, Falsely Claiming the 2020 Election Was Stolen, Came to Light – Discusses her $1M Lawsuit

Miles says she was "thrown overboard because they were so concerned about...what they considered to be the nuclear issue of January 6th and the election...this is about truth seekers getting canceled"


A week ago, we learned that Virginia AG Jason Miyares was being sued, by none other than his former Deputy AG Monique Miles. Why? According to Courthouse News, Miles is suing because: 1) she alleges that Miyares’ office “falsely labeled her departure as a resignation”; 2) “Miles claims that Miyares fired her for her opinions on the 2020 election and the riot on the U.S. Capitol that followed on Jan. 6”; and 3) “Miles accuses Miyares and three other officials of damaging her reputation and client base for her law firm.”  Per Courthouse News:

Miles says Miyares hired her in mid-January 2021, shortly after his election, only to terminate her employment as The Washington Post prepared to publish screenshots of comments that Miles had posted to Facebook the previous year after armed supporters of former President Donald Trump attempted to overthrow the 2020 election.

“News Flash: Patriots have stormed the Capitol,” Miles wrote on Facebook last year, when she was still considered a private citizen. “No surprise. The deep state has awoken the sleeping giant. Patriots are not taking this lying down. We are awake, ready and will fight for our rights by any means necessary.”

In the comments of the post, Miles declared that Trump’s Stop the Steal rally that directly preceded the riot was a “peaceful protest.” 

With that background, check out Miles’ interview this morning on far-right-wing radio (“Richmond Morning News with John Reid”). A few “highlights” from the interview include:

  • The host, John Reid, begins with a revealing statement: “I know some of you are mad that I’m about to do this interview. And honestly I thought a lot about whether to do it, because this is ugly, this is ugly, and I know a lot of people who work in the Attorney General’s office. Jason Miyares…I don’t want to overstate my friendship…but I guess I consider him to be at least a political friend…I’m a Republican and would like Republicans to be successful…So this has a race component to it potentially, it has to do with January 6th and Donald Trump, I mean it is kind of a toxic bubbling problem that could be detrimental to the Attorney General, to the Republican movement…So this will be an uncomfortable interview, to be honest with you…I contacted the Attorney General’s office to tell them up front so they’re not caught off guard that Monique Miles was going to come on and talk about her lawsuit against the AG’s office…Here’s the statement from the spokesperson at the Attorney General’s office: ‘Ms. Miles is no longer employed by the Office of the Attorney General and we have no further comment on the circumstances of her departure.  The Office of the Attorney General commits to vigorously defend against Ms. Miles’ claim for $1 million of taxpayer dollars and is confident that our legal position is strong.'”
  • For her part, Monique Miles said she was Deputy Attorney General for government operations and transactions. She said she was recruited heavily by AG Miyares’ Chief of Staff DJ Jordan, that she went for three interviews; that she was never asked any questions regarding her views on the 1/6/21 insurrection or the 2020 presidential election; that she was there for January 18 until February 10 following a “hit piece that was put out by the Washington Post” regarding several of her Facebook posts (to read that piece, which most certainly is NOT a “hit piece,” see Deputy Va. attorney general resigns after revelation of Facebook posts praising Jan. 6 rioters, claiming Trump won election, and also see below for screenshots of her extremist/unhinged Facebook posts, which of course should have automatically disqualified her from being hired by the Attorney General’s office in the first place!); that Miyares had received a huge donation from the Republican Attorneys General Association “and he was very sensitive about that donation…because of the fact that there was some hubbub with regards to that [organization’s] involvement with January 6th”; and that she’s suing solely “to clear my name” and not to “get rich here”; that she was “thrown overboard because they were so concerned about…what they considered to be the nuclear issue of January 6th and the election, instead of being given the benefit of the doubt during my vetting process…I would be willing to drop my suit if they would issue a public apology, retract their statement and pay my reasonable attorney fees to date”; “this is about truth seekers getting canceled.”

You’ve really gotta love that last line, by the way, about how getting fired for celebrating a violent assault on our nation’s Capitol and claiming falsely that the 2020 election was stolen (and that Trump would get a second term despite LOSING THE ELECTION) constitutes “truth seekers getting canceled.” Fun times, eh?



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