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Virginia Republicans React to FBI Search of Mar-a-Lago *Exactly* as We’d Expect – Disgracefully, Hypocritically, and with ZERO Respect for the Rule of Law

These are the same people who wanted the FBI to investigate and "lock up" Hillary Clinton and pretty much anyone else with a "D" by their name...


Due to a major outage by our hosting service, Blue Virginia’s been down all day. So…just catching up here, with some reactions to the news of the FBI executing a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound, as part of what appears to be “a long-running investigation of whether documents — some of them top-secret — were taken there instead of being sent to the National Archives when Trump left office.”

As you can see, the reactions by almost all Virginia Republicans – Gov. Glenn Youngkin, VA02 GOP nominee Jen Kiggans, VA07 GOP nominee Yesli Vega, VA10 GOP nominee Hung Cao, Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA09), Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA06), Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05), etc. – were variants of either real or feigned (or a mix of both?) outrage that their cult leader could possibly be investigated, maybe even held to account, for the many crimes he’s committed. That’s very telling, and also should be completely disqualifying for any of these people to hold public office, as respect for the rule of law and the concept that NOBODY is above the law are bedrock principles – or NEED to be – of our country, if we don’t want to become a “banana republic” or whatever. And yet the Youngkins, Vegas, Caos and Kiggans of the world don’t give a crap. And that should tell voters all they need to know for November, and motivate everybody to turn out in droves and vote BLUE up and down the ballot!

P.S. Keep in mind that these same Republicans have eager to have the FBI investigate  and “lock up” pretty much anyone with a “D” by their name, including Hillary Clinton in 2016, for allegedly mishandling her emails in a way that, even if it were 100% as bad as Republicans claimed it was (which it certainly wasn’t), would have been many, many times less serious than almost any of the severe crimes committed by Trump, including egregious mishandling of highly classified documents. And yet…do we hear Republicans chanting “Lock HIM Up?” Of course not. Because that’s how they roll…


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