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Richmond Times-Dispatch: Yesli Vega “Silent” on Traffic Congestion; “Opposed” Bipartisan Infrastructure Law


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Yesli Vega “Silent” on Traffic Congestion; “Opposed” Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Vega’s nonexistent solutions made clear in Richmond Times-Dispatch weekend stories

Vega says “we have to” shut down the government  

Richmond, VA – Over the weekend, the Richmond Times-Dispatch – in three stories, one column, two news stories – highlighted the substanceless agenda of extremist Yesli Vega.

Vega, who has been endorsed by the Freedom Caucus and is known nationally for her anti-abortion extremism, has offered no solutions to better the lives of Virginians. Truth be told, Vega opposes any plans that would make the lives of Virginians better.

In a recent news story from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the author paints a picture of Vega’s shallow agenda:

Spanberger’s opponent, Prince William Supervisor Yesli Vega, has been silent on how to relieve congestion on I-95, focusing instead on a national Republican agenda of tax cuts, law enforcement and parent empowerment over their children’s education. She opposed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Additionally, over the weekend, a columnist at the Times-Dispatch whacked Vega for distancing herself from former President Donald Trump – simply because it’s politically opportune to do so – and for her indication that, if in Congress, she would vote to shut down the government simply because she does not agree with the political party in charge:

Vega is in apparent retreat, too, from Trump, having removed references to him from the biographical portion of her website.

And in a district that is home to thousands of federal employees, Vega didn’t help herself by telling a conservative talk-show host government shutdowns may be among the few ways to shrink the bureaucracy during the Biden years.

Rep. Spanberger received boosting on Vega’s shutdown comments from former Rep. Barbara Comstock, a Virginia Republican. Rep. Comstock was quoted in a separate story from the Times-Dispatch:

“I’m hearing Republicans talk about govt shutdowns again,” Comstock wrote on Twitter. “This was always a Freedom Caucus fav. It’s dumb policy, not conservative, wastes millions in federal dollars, is dangerous to national security and harms thousands of Northern Virginia Govt and military contractors. Say No!”

“Yesli Vega offers no solutions for Virginians in the 7th District, just deception and reckless finger-pointing,” said DPVA Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “If elected, Vega would work against the interests of Virginians by voting to shut down the government and opposing critical infrastructure developments that Virginians across the Commonwealth asked for. This fall, Virginians will re-elect Abigail Spanberger, a proven leader who is serious about getting things done and solving problems for Virginia.”


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