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Former Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn’s Energized for Change PAC Endorses Nearly 30 Local Candidates 


From former VA Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn’s “Energized for Change” PAC:

Energized for Change PAC Endorses nearly 30 Local Candidates 

Former Speaker encourages Democrats to engage in this year’s local races

Springfield, Virginia – Ahead of third quarter finance reports, Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn announced nearly 30 candidates in twelve localities on the ballot this November who have been endorsed by Energized for Change, her political action committee. Earlier this year, Filler-Corn announced her PAC would expand its focus to support candidates from the schoolhouse to the statehouse in an effort to protect progress made during her term as Speaker of the House of Delegates, and to increase the bench of Democratic leaders. In addition to investing in campaigns she has traveled across the Commonwealth in support of local candidates, and will continue to do so through Election Day.

“Protecting our progress does not stop in DC or Richmond,” said Eileen Filler-Corn. “We need to elect strong candidates at the local level to strengthen our democratic institutions, support our public schools and educators, and make our communities safer from gun violence.”

On average, over 30% of American voters who go to the polls do not fill out their entire ballot, meaning important local races in Virginia could be decided by even smaller margins than races for Congress. Furthermore, many candidates for local office go on to seek higher office in subsequent elections.

“I am dedicated to building a bench of future Democratic leaders in Virginia by investing in local races this year. Our ability to win back the House of Delegates, expand our Senate majority, and take back statewide offices, can only be helped by electing Democrats at the local level,” added Filler-Corn.

As a result of laws passed by Democratic leadership, early voting is now open in Virginia for Congressional and local elections. Voters can find their early voting and election day polling locations, as well as absentee ballot drop-off locations, by visiting www.iwillvote.com.

A partial list of 2022 candidates endorsed by Energized for Change PAC through the third quarter includes:

Pat King, City Council

Chesterfield County
Mark Miller, Supervisor (Special Election)

Fairfax City
Catherine Read, Mayor

Jimmy Gray, City Council
Martha Mugler, City Council

Chris Jones, City Council
Dany Fleming, City Council
Monica Robinson, City Council

Loudoun County
Nick Gothard, School Board
Erika Ogedegbe, School Board

Tommy Smigiel, City Council

Roanoke City
Joseph Leslie Cobb, City Council
Vivian Sanchez Jones, City Council
Peter Volosin, City Council
Luke Priddy, City Council

Virginia Beach
Worth Remick, City Council
Jennifer Rouse, City Council
Joash Schulman, City Council
Sharon Felton, School Board
Erika Guess, School Board
Staci Martin, School Board

Manassas City
Sonia Vasquez-Luna, City Council
Alex Iqbal, School Board
Jill Spall, School Board
Lisa Anne Stevens, School Board


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