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“Under Democratic government [the] economy is stronger & crime is lower: those are the facts” – Despite What Republicans and the Media Falsely Tell You

In stark contrast, crime was VERY high when Reagan was president, and "Ten of the last 11 recessions began under Republicans"


Unfortunately, the media in this country is committed to “if-it-bleeds-it-leads” fear mongering about crime and “every-bit-of-good-economic-news-is-bad-somehow-for-Democrats” news coverage. If they weren’t so irresponsible and dishonest, news organizations would be reporting that:

  1. “America’s ‘violent crime wave’ is a hoax,” with the violent crime rate near thirty-year lows – “down dramatically” from where we were in the 1990s and 2000s.
  2.  The economy is surging, with yet ANOTHER strong jobs report this morning, and with labor markets near “full employment.”

See below for more details on all of this, and ask yourselves why the media relentlessly pushes out fear mongering about crime (hint: eyeballs, clicks, ratings!) and spins every piece of good economic news as somehow negative for Democrats (hint: they really want Trump back, as he was great for ratings!). And remind everyone you know that, as David Rothschild reminds us, “Under Democratic government [the] economy is stronger & crime is lower: those are the facts.”

Oh, and for more on why Democrats are good for the economy and Republicans are REALLY BAD for the economy, see this superb article by David Rothkopf and Bernard Schwartz, “Republicans Are Bad for the Economy. Here’s Why.” In fact:

  • “Ten of the last 11 recessions began under Republicans.”
  • “The one that started under former President Donald Trump and the current GOP leadership was the worst since the Great Depression–and while perhaps any president presiding over a pandemic might have seen the economy suffer, Trump’s gross mismanagement of COVID-19 clearly and greatly deepened the problems the U.S. economy faced.”
  • “Meanwhile, historically, Democratic administrations have overseen recoveries from those Republican lows. During the seven decades before Trump, real GDP growth averaged just over 2.5 percent under Republicans and a little more than 4.3 percent under Democrats.”
  • “Republicans have also historically presided over huge expansions in the U.S. deficit, while Democrats (since Bill Clinton’s administration) have overseen dramatic deficit reduction.”
  • “Of the 14 presidents since World War II, seven were Democrats and seven were Republican. Of the seven with the highest job creation rates, six were Democrats. Of the seven with the lowest job creation rates, six were Republicans.”
  • “What about now? Biden and the current Democratic Congress have created more jobs than the past three Republican administrations combined.”
  • As for inflation, it “is a global problem that is related, according to economists, primarily to supply chain problems associated with COVID, Vladimir Putin’s escalation of the war in Ukraine, and corporate profiteering”; “Republicans unanimously opposed every single measure by the Biden administration to reduce prices and help those hit by inflation”; “the price of gasoline, an oft-cited sign of inflation, has been falling for months”; and Republicans “have no inflation plan.”

Any further questions about which party is (far, FAR) better on the economy?!?

Also, check out this study, which finds:

As for the economy…the evidence is VERY clear!



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