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Video: Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA11) Says Appointment of Special Counsel Was “Long Overdue” Given Voluminous Evidence Pointing Towards Criminal Behavior by “Trump and his acolytes”


Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA11), speaking on MSNBC:

“Now contrast that with what’s going on with the former President, Donald Trump, and his family. There have been criminal investigations. As we speak, there’s a trial going on, their CFO has gone state’s witness, providing evidence. We’re looking at active investigations of interference in election and incitement to riot on January 6th…We’ve got now a special counsel appointed not to look at Hunter Biden, but to look at actually Donald Trump and his acolytes in terms of their behavior in interfering with the election and January 6th. So yeah, there are legitimate investigations that should be going on; this isn’t one of them…

…I do [think the appointment of the special counsel by AG Merrick Garland was the right move]. I believe there’s lots of evidence that points towards criminal behavior, and I think we need a special counsel to navigate that evidence and to make a final determination as to whether charges will be brought against members of the Trump administration and possibly President Trump himself. We have clear, undeniable evidence of this direct interference with election officials to try to actually alter the outcome of how voters decided in 2020, and of course we have lots of evidence that fraud may have occurred in his business enterprises. And so I think this has to be navigated by an impartial, objective prosecutor, attorney, and I think the appointment of the special counsel is more than appropriate and frankly long overdue.”


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