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Video: VA Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, Formerly a HUGE Trump Supporter, Now Says “Enough Is Enough”; Trump Spokesperson Warns “There Will Be a Reckoning”

VA Sen. Amanda Chase, a full-blown MAGA/Trump cultist, calls Winsome Sears and Tim Anderson "weak ass Republicans"



Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears, a conservative Republican who traveled the country in 2020 to promote President Donald Trump’s reelection, said in the aftermath of this week’s midterm elections that it’s time for him to leave the political stage.

“What we saw was, even though he wasn’t on the ballot, he was,” Earle-Sears told The Washington Post on Thursday. “Because he stepped in and endorsed candidates. And yet, it turns out that those he did not endorse on the same ticket did better than the ones he did endorse. That gives you a clue that the voters want to move on, and a true leader knows when they have become a liability to the mission.”

Also, see below for the video of Sears making her comments, as well as some reactions – including some HARSH ones from Trump’s spokesperson, far-right media personality Sebastian Gorka, VA State Senator Amanda Chase, etc. As I noted on Blue Virginia’s Twitter feed: This sure sounds like it’s coming from Youngkin & his political operation. So what, first work to push Trump out of the way, then Youngkin either runs for president or tries to latch on to a ticket with DeSantis? And Sears becomes governor?  Also: Republicans in disarray; VA Sen. Amanda Chase (R) calls LG Winsome Sears (R) and Del. Tim Anderson (R) “weak ass” for bailing on Donald Trump. Hahahaha.


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