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Long Lines to Vote in the VA04 Democratic “Firehouse Primary”; Polls Close at 7 pm; Ballots to Be Counted Wednesday Morning at 10 am. Go Jennifer McClellan!


See below for some tweets and photos of today’s VA04 Democratic “firehouse primary,” which is going on until 7 pm tonight, and which will determine a nominee for the 2/21/23 special election to fill the seat of former Rep. Donald McEachin, who passed away suddenly and tragically on November 28. The district, which is solidly “blue,” is huge – stretching from Richmond to the North Carolina border – and there are polling locations spread around it, so ballots won’t actually be counted until tomorrow morning, starting at 10 am. The good news is it appears there’s been heavy turnout today, and that if you’re a VA04 Democrat and haven’t voted yet, you still have a couple hours to do so. Oh, and of coruse make sure when you vote to mark your ballot for Jennifer McClellan, given that she is by far the best choice for this seat, for the reasons explained here by Rep. McEachin’s widow, Collette McEachin.


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