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VA Senate Dems: Youngkin Budget “gives major corporations and the top 1% massive tax cuts at the expense of those who need it most”


See below for a press release from the Virginia Senate Democrats, reacting to Gov. Youngkin’s proposed budget amendments, presented this morning before the House and Senate money committees. As Sen. Scott Surovell summarized earlier:

  • No $$ for affordable housing
  • No $$ for Pre-K
  • No $$ for childcare
  • No $$ for pandemic learning interruption
  • No raises for teachers, cops or state employees
  • But tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations!

Bottom line: Youngkin’s budget/tax plans are the typical right-wing economics that have failed disastrously over and over and over again for decades now…basically “voodoo economics,” “supply side,” “Laffer curve” crap right wingers have been pushing since Reagan. Youngkin also wants to defund government and privatize everything, including public education. @VASenateDems should toss this proposal into Sen. Louise Lucas’ trash can!

Senate Democrats Response to Governor Youngkin’s Proposed Budget Amendments

Richmond, VA — Today, Virginia Senate Democrats leadership released the following statements on Governor Youngkin’s proposed budget amendments presented before the House and Senate money committees.

Majority Leader Dick Saslaw said: “The Governor’s proposed amendments are looking for long term results with short term commitments. For years Senate Democrats have been working to foster a pro-business friendly environment and make the Commonwealth the best place to live, work, and raise a family. While this is a good starting point ahead of deliberations, Senate Democrats will continue to push the Governor to ensure we balance the budget, fund underfunded programs, and ensure every Virginian has the ability to thrive. I welcome Governor Youngkin’s acknowledgement of the issues and challenges facing everyday Virginians and look forward to working in a bipartisan manner to deliver for Virginians.”

Caucus Chair Mamie Locke said: “Because of Democratic leadership over the past several years the Commonwealth of Virginia continues to be in good economic standing. Today, Instead of fully funding mental health services, public education institutions, addressing the workforce shortage, and making housing and higher education more affordable, the Governor is proposing a budget that gives major corporations and the top 1% massive tax cuts at the expense of those who need it most. Moving forward Senate Democrats will work across party lines to foster a pro-business environment, lower costs for Virginia families, and ensure our children receive a world-class education–no matter their zip code, background, or ability.”

In case you’re a masochist, here’s the video of Youngkin’s lie-filled, “Voodoo economics” b.s. yesterday…


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