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Video: Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) Says Anti-McCarthy Rs “are one scoop short of a sundae,” Being Driven by Right-Wing “Base” Voters

"[Today's GOP] is what it is, but it isn't going to die."


Last night on “The ReidOut,” former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) had some interesting, entertaining comments on the Kevin McCarthy drama in the House. According to Riggleman:

  • “I used to be a bouncer for my dad’s bar…he’d say, hey son, I don’t know if we should let that guy in, he looks he’s one scoop short of a sundae. I think what you have is a lot of people who are one scoop short of a sundae are making decisions in Congress right now.”
  • “I think you’ve got to also look at the voters. [Republican Members of Congress] are doing what the base wants to do…There are fundraising emails going out right now…from those 20 individuals trying to raise money mantel of decency to go against McCarthy…So I think what you have here is really a combination of the base and individuals who want power and TV time. And that’s why you’re seeing the crazy in Congress right now.”
  • “The far right is in a ‘hold my beer’ moment right now…”
  • “If they’re using this hyperbole and outrage in this sort of idiotic, countrified crazy, to do these type of things, a lot of that is coming from the base. And I just want people to realize that there are  a lot of voters out there who believe that this is the right thing…to minimize them, I think is a humungous mistake…”
  • “[Today’s GOP] is what it is, but it isn’t going to die.”


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