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Video: On “Morning Joe,” Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) Says Intra-GOP Fighting “is deeply concerning,” Not Just for the Speaker but Also for the Debt Ceiling, etc.


Speaking on “Morning Joe” this morning (see below for video and highlights), Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) had some thoughts on the intra-GOP battle and disarray over the next Speaker of the U.S. House. According to Rep. Spanberger:

  • I think it’s deeply concerning what we’re seeing. And certainly, months ago in advance of the November election, the pitch was made by my counterparts across the aisle that they wanted to be the governing party in charge. They won the majority, a slim majority, and have had months to prepare for January 3rd, 4th, now 5th. And so the fact that there is agitation, that there’s dissent, that there’s differences of opinion is not at all concerning, it’s the fact that after months, they are still at a complete lock spot and unable to basically create a governing majority. We have so much work before us that we need to do…”
  • “It’s so notable that as we are watching President Biden and Republican Leader McConnell meet in Kentucky, pull a group of people together and talk about what it is that can be achieved when we work together and find bipartisanship, the contrast between the intra-party fighting that’s occurring on the other side of the aisle is deeply concerning and certainly noticeable.”
  • “I think that it should be keeping everyone up at night; the notion that we would not be able to fund the government is not as simple as not funding the government, it is a complete shutdown of every agency that keeps us safe. The same people who are worried about and talking about fentanyl flowing across the border, they’re now basically threatening to defund every element of our border security infrastructure apparatus and every person who works to keep us safe…I mean, the basic function of our country if the government is shut down, that’s what we’re talking about. And then when we’re talking about the the debt ceiling, I mean that’s the full faith and credit of the United States, that’s our ability on the global stage to be a world leader from a national security perspective, from an economic perspective. I mean this this is the severity and the importance of what it is that that we’re talking about…being here or watching the the disagreements on the House floor and the brinksmanship…does not instill faith for how we’re going to get through to the next step…what needs to be achieved for the American people…at this point in time, even the basics are at least in some level of danger.”


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