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VA House Republicans Uphold MAGA Values Yet Again: Making Our Democracy Less Safe

VA House Dems Leader Don Scott: “This is the MAGA playbook at its finest."


From the Virginia House Democratic Caucus:

House Republicans Uphold MAGA Values Yet Again: Making Our Democracy Less Safe

Republicans reject the will of the people in an effort to hold on to power

RICHMOND, VA – Today, House Republicans, led by MAGA extremists within the Caucus, voted down numerous bills aimed at cleaning up Richmond from corruption and safeguarding our democracy. The bills would prohibit anyone who denies the state outcome of the election from being an elector and get dark money out of campaign advertising. This, despite the fact that Americans overwhelmingly, and bipartisanly, agree: they want to reduce the role of money in politics.

“Today, Republicans proved what we always knew to be true: they care more about holding power than protecting our democracy,” said Leader Don Scott, “This is the MAGA playbook at its finest. Every day, Republicans are advancing bills that make it harder to vote. Now they’re showing they don’t even want the will of the voters to be heard.”

“Securing our democracy shouldn’t be a partisan issue,” said Chair Charniele Herring, “Virginians deserve to know that their voice is heard at the ballot box and that their elected officials aren’t going to shout down the will of the people.”

“Republicans in the House care about one thing: holding on to power, even when it means voting against keeping democracy here in Virginia safer and more secure,” said Delegate Rip Sullivan, who spoke on the House floor today and whose bill HB 1862 would have ensured that electors could not go against their oath and the will of the voters. “With votes like this, it calls into question: who are they supporting? Future election deniers? Dark money special interests? We were sent here by the people – we should represent them, and ensure that Virginians’ voices are heard at the ballot box.”

Virginia has some of the loosest campaign finance laws in the country. Today, in House Privileges and Elections subcommittee, Republicans voted down the following pieces of legislation aimed at securing our elections and getting money out of politics:

HB 1551 – Delegate Helmer’s bill would have ended dark money after interference by extremists in our democracy.

HB 1862 – Delegate Sullivan’s bill would have disallowed anyone who tries to deny the state outcome of the election from being an elector.



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