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Fairfax GOP Endorses “3x accused domestic assaulted & disabled child mocker” for School Board

Not surprisingly, the Fairfax GOP vice chair really REALLY didn't want to talk about this on right-wing radio this morning.


In recent years, the Republican Party in general hasn’t just lurched off the far-right deep end, it’s also become “Trumpian” in the sense that it no longer seems to have even minimal standards of personal behavior, ethics, etc. for its nominees. Case in point: see below for the latest from the Fairfax GOP, specifically its nomination last night of (as VA Sen. Scott Surovell describes him) “3x accused domestic assaulted & disabled child mocker” Harry Jackson for Fairfax School Board (click here to see more on the “child mocker” part). Heck, even Sinclair-owned/right-wing WJLA-TV7 actually reported that “Jackson has an arrest record for alleged assault and battery of family members.” Which is probably why the Fairfax GOP vice chair wouldn’t say this morning, in his appearance on right-wing talk radio, whether or not the party had nominated Jackson. Bottom line: this November, Fairfax voters need to turn out in droves and vote *Democratic* up and down the ballot.

P.S. The rest of the Fairfax GOP’s endorsed candidates are very right wing and out of the mainstream, certainly in Fairfax County!


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