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[UPDATE: McGuire Wins on 1st Ballot] Republicans Select Between Four FAR-Right Choices (Including Insurrectionist Del. John McGuire) for Their Nominee in Deep-“Red” SD10

McGuire, endorsed by Glenn Youngkin, appears to be the "clear favorite"


UPDATE 3:40 pm – Yep, the insurrectionst won, with ~60% of the vote. Also note that Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05)’s endorsed candidate, Duane Adams – also an extremist – got his butt kicked. A big loss for Bob Good is always “good” to see! LOL

Starting this morning, Republicans in SD10 have been gathering to select their nominee in this deep-red district (went more than 2:1 for Youngkin in 2021; Hanover, Powhatan, Louisa, Goochland, Fluvanna, Appomattox, Buckingham, Amelia, Cumberland, etc.). The candidates – Del. John McGuire (who was at the US Capitol on 1/6/21; endorsed by supposed “moderate” – yeah, right! – Glenn Youngkin), Duane Adams (endorsed by nutjob Rep. Bob Good), Jack Dyer and Sandy Brindley) are all hard right to varying degrees (so much for any moderate or sane Republicans anymore), ranting about “CRT,” “wokeism,” “abortion on demand,” how guns are supposedly the basis of our freedoms, you name it. So no matter what, the nominee’s going to be very, very bad. Anyway, see below for some live updates from Tammy Purcell, Joseph Szymanski and Sam Shirazi.

P.S. See a live stream, below…


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