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Senate District 13’s Top Democratic Leaders Support Lashrecse Aird

Endorsements include "every elected leader in Eastern Henrico"


From the Lashrecse Aird for VA Senate campaign – go Aird!

Senate District 13’s Top Democratic Leaders Support Lashrecse Aird

PETERSBURG, VA — Today former Delegate Lashrecse Aird announced the endorsements of every elected leader in Eastern Henrico, which holds the largest number of voters in Senate District 13. Furthermore, her endorsements include Senate District 13’s top Democratic leaders throughout the richly diverse communities of Eastern Henrico County, Prince George County, Sussex County, Surry County, Charles City County, and part of Dinwiddie County, and the City of Petersburg and Hopewell.

“Our Henrico community is searching for dependable, compassionate, and principled leadership and Lashrecse Aird is that leader. Throughout her tenure in the House of Delegates, Lashrecse fought for education funding, safer communities, social equality, and always for a woman to have the right to choose. Lashrecse has my full endorsement,” said Chairman Frank Thornton. 

“In 2019, I supported Joe Morrissey’s candidacy for Senate because I thought he would bring change, but instead we are facing the same struggles now as we were then. The City of Petersburg deserves a leader that is trustworthy, has lived the same struggles of the people in this community and will put the needs of our city above anything else,” said Annie Mickens, former Mayor of the City of Petersburg.

“Lashrecse Aird is a person of compassion, dedication and integrity whose ethics are driven by a strong moral compass,” said Stephen Adkins, Chief of the Chickahominy Indian Tribe.

Senate District 13 Endorsers:


– Senator Lamont Bagby, Chairman of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus (D-Henrico)

– Delegate Schulyer VanValkenburg (D-Henrico)

– Delegate Rodney Willett (D-Henrico)

– Delegate Delores McQuinn (D-Richmond)

– Fmr. Delegate Debra Rodman (D-Henrico)

– Frank J. Thornton, Jr., Chairman, Henrico County Board of Supervisors

– Tyrone E. Nelson, Vice-Chairman, Henrico County Board of Supervisors

– Shannon Taylor, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Henrico County

– Alisa Gregory, Sheriff, Henrico County

– Alicia Atkins, Vice-Chairwoman, School Board, Henrico County


– Annette Smith-Lee, Councilor, City of Petersburg
– Marlow Jones, Councilor, City of Petersburg

– Treska Wilson-Smith, Fmr. Councilor, City of Petersburg

– Annie Mickens, Fmr. Mayor, City of Petersburg

– Vanessa R. Ctawford, Sheriff, City of Petersburg

– Paul Mullin, Treasurer, City of Petersburg

– Brittany Flowers, Commissioner of the Revenue, City of Petersburg

– Steven L. Pierce, Vice-Chair, School Board, City of Petersburg

– E. Joyce Proctor, School Board, City of Petersburg

– Adrian T. Dance, School Board, City of Petersburg

– Lois Long, Fmr. School Board, City of Petersburg

– Samuel Rhue, Chairman, Economic Development Authority, Petersburg

– Lafayette Jefferson, Representative, Economic Development Authority, Petersburg


– Brenda Ebron-Bonner, Board of Supervisors, Dinwiddie County

– Jennifer Perkins, Treasurer, Dinwiddie County

– Duck Adams, Sheriff, Dinwiddie County

– Mary Benjamin, School Board, Dinwiddie County

– Sherilynn Merritt, School Board, Dinwiddie County

– Sharon Yates, Dinwiddie County


– Jasmine Gore, Vice Mayor, City of Hopewell

– Michael B. Harris, Councilor, City of Hopewell

– Dominic R. Holloway, Councilor, City of Hopewell

– K. Wayne Walton, Sr., Former Vice-Mayor, City of Hopewell

– John Griffin, Jr., Chairman, School Board, City of Hopewell


– Judy Lyttle, Board of Supervisors, Surry County

– Earett Parsons, Soil and Water Conservation District Rep., Surry County

– Nancy Rodrigues, Former Secretary of the state Board of Elections, Surry County

Charles City

– Sherri Bowman, Fmr. Member Board of Supervisors, Charles City County

– Chief Stephen Atkins, Chickahominy Indian Tribe, Charles City County


– Ernest L. Giles, Sheriff, Sussex County

Prince George

– Virginia Duncan, Former Commissioner of Revenue, Prince George

First elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2016, Lashrecse Aird previously represented the 63rd District. For more information about Lashrecse please visit:  www.lashrecseaird.com


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