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Arlington Dem Mary Detweiler Explains Why Tony Weaver Is Her #1 Choice for Arlington County Board


by Mary Detweiler

Tony Weaver gets my #1 vote. His fortunate combination of strong business background and progressive values fit the County Board job, which calls for business sense and fiscal management while steering our moral compass. His progressive values match where most Arlington voters are, in his strong commitment to public schools and teacher pay and desire to push harder on climate issues. 

Why does the business background matter so much? With all the MM/EHO focus, we’ve sidetracked the fiscal issue that could risk investments in strong schools, good teacher pay, environmental programs, acquisition of more land for parks, and many more things that we value. We’re not adequately focused on where the money is going to come from. Informed by his own experience with his Arlington small business, Tony has proposed some interesting and realistic ideas. Yes, we need larger businesses (defense contractors, Amazon) to fill vacant commercial office buildings, but small businesses and upstarts should play a strong role. 

Tony is not all business, though, as demonstrated by his presidency of Rotary Club, participation on the Board of Directors of Committee of 100, and extensive study of climate issues. He’s from our community and he cares deeply about it, giving his time and energy, including as a member of the Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission – an important voice for fiscal responsibility of County resources.

Tony is a focused candidate, strong on listening and compromise, which is where we need to be with Missing Middle/Enhanced Housing Options (MM/EHO) splitting our community. Moderating a way through this, while keeping the Board’s March 22, 2023 vote intact, calls on skills that this quieter candidate possesses. Tony is not associated with either extreme side of the MM/EHO, and he has the credibility to bring the community together, as we must.

Please see more on Tony at his website: Arlington County Board | Tony For Arlington | Arlington (tony4arlington.com)


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