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RGGI Is Law! Youngkin’s Repeal Is Illegal! Comment Deadline is Wed, Aug 30


by Glen Besa

Since VA DEQ is inclined to ignore our comments in support of RGGI and classify them as “not relevant”, why not make your comments a relevant rant against Youngkin’s illegal repeal.   If you have not already, please follow this link  to remind Governor Youngkin that RGGI IS LAW! Comments must be submitted by 11:59 pm Wednesday, 8/30.

Here are my comments:

This comment is NOT irrelevant.   In 2020, the General Assembly passed the Community Flood Preparedness Act that committed Virginia to joining RGGI, and to date, the General Assembly has not repealed that law.  That makes Governor Youngkin’s withdrawal from RGGI illegal.  It is that simple.

More complex is understanding the Governor’s motivation for withdrawing from a successful RGGI program that is cutting carbon emissions and producing revenues to assist low income residents with efficiency improvements and local governments with flood abatement.  I assume the governor either denies climate change exists or that this is a crass political appeal to climate change deniers among the Republican base. Of course, it could be both.

Regardless, RGGI is the LAW and DEQ, the Air Board and the Governor DO NOT have the authority to pull us out of RGGI.

Glen Besa

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