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New Virginia Poll Finds Biden Up 51%-42% Over Trump, Who Leads DeSantis by 34 Points (Youngkin’s at Just 9%! LOL)

On abortion, 86% believe it should be LEGAL in "some" (50% ) or "all" (36%) circumstances


There’s a new Virginia poll out this morning from Roanoke College. See below for highlights:

  • In the 2024 Virginia Republican Presidential primary, Donald Trump leads with 47%, followed by Ron DeSantis (13%), Glenn Youngkin (9%), Mike Pence (7%), Tim Scott (6%), Vivek Ramaswamy (5%), Chris Christie (3%), Nikki Haley (2%)
  • In the 2024 presidential election, Joe Biden leads Donald Trump 51%-42%…very close to Biden’s 10-point margin in 2020.
  • 54% of Virginians surveyed believed that Trump did something illegal with the “classified documents found at his Florida home”; and 51% think Trump did something illegal regarding his “[attempt] to overturn the 2020 election, including his role in what happened”
  • “How much, if at all, do you think global climate change is a major threat to the country’s well-being?” 53% say “a great deal” (which is, of course, the correct answer); with another 21% saying “some” and only 16% saying “not at all.”
  • On abortion, only 12% believe it should be illegal in “all” circumstances, with 36% believing it should be legal in “all” circumstances, and 50% believing it should be legal in “some” circumstances.
  • By a 44%-43% margin, Virginians surveyed believe that “K through 12 schools are having a positive…effect on the way things are going in Virginia.” Huh?
  • Only 14% say they ” are following the upcoming legislative elections for the Virginia General Assembly” “very closely.”
  • Donald Trump’s favorability rating in Virginia is minus 35 (30%-65%), while Joe Biden’s is minus 10 (43%-53%).
  • Glenn Youngkin’s favorability rating is plus 7 (48%-41%), with a plus 11 (51%-40%) approval rating. This compares to a May 2020 Roanoke College poll, which had Ralph Northam at a plus 15 (46%-31%) favorability rating and a plus 30 (59%-29%) approval rating…up from his low points following the “Blackface scandal.”

P.S. Youngkin’s net approval rating continues to be very lose relative to previous Virginia governors.


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