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Dealing with a Car Accident at the Scene for Better Settlement



Being involved in a car crash is usually physically hurtful and emotionally draining. Sometimes, it leaves people stranded. Although almost every state mandates people to drive with insurance, it is unfortunate that about 13 percent of American drivers are uninsured. You may face some legal and financial consequences for not being insured.

Those who have insurance may need to file an insurance claim. It is one of the foremost reasons to engage an experienced and outstanding car accident attorney. If you are involved in an accident, an experienced car accident lawyer will file an insurance claim and work assiduously to ensure you get the best settlement.

Below are steps to take in an accident site for better settlement:

Protect and Preserve the Accident Scene

Immediately after an accident, stop without hesitation and park the vehicle somewhere. Do not run away from the accident scene. Ensure your flashers are on to prevent other crashes.

Wait patiently by the roadside until the arrival of law enforcement officers.

Contact and Inform the Police

Even if it is a minor accident, it is wise to get the police involved. Despite not sustaining injuries, you need a police report to file an insurance claim for vehicle damage.

Ensure the other car involved in the crash does not move an inch immediately after the accident unless it obstructs traffic.

Gather Relevant Information

The police reserve the right to collect relevant information. However, if you are unwell, you can gather important information like the names and individuals involved, insurance firm, policy, driver’s license, and license plate numbers. In addition, document every piece of information about the witnesses.

Click Photos

Snap as many photos as possible of the crash site from every angle. You need these photos to prove the other party’s fault while showcasing your innocence. The pictures should portray damages to your vehicle, events at the accident scene, and circumstances surrounding the occurrence.

Engage an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Engaging an experienced and reputable car accident attorney to handle your case is essential. In a complex accident scenario, the lawyer will carefully prove who is guilty and the person liable for compensation. You need evidence to prove the other party’s fault.

Ensure you get a result-driven attorney to prioritize your interest and negotiate the best settlement for you.

Reasons to Engage an Experienced and Competent Car Accident Attorney

The two main reasons you should always hire a local experienced and outstanding car accident attorney include the following:

An In-depth Understanding of Your Rights

Besides helping you negotiate a better settlement, an experienced car accident lawyer will also fight for and protect your rights. He will enlighten you of your rights in all circumstances. If he discovers that the other party wants to infringe on your rights, he will proactively rectify the situation.

Excellent Representation in Court

Sometimes, it is impossible to resolve some car accident issues through an insurance claim; you may have to file a lawsuit to get the deserved compensation. Without legal guidance, you cannot walk this technical, demanding, and complex path.

Your attorney possesses the professional know-how to defend and uphold your rights. They can represent you in court during hearings. It means you may only need to appear in court for trial.


“A reputable lawyer can proficiently determine the accurate value of a claim. They may be able to teach you how to negotiate fairly to get the best compensation. If you are involved in a crash, do not proceed with anything without a lawyer,” says attorney Lawrence Buckfire of Buckfire Law.



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