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Video: Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) Says “Absolutely,” Sen. Robert Menendez Should Resign Immediately; What He Did is “Shameful,” Sounds Like Espionage

Spanberger also rips "extraneous voices within the Republican Party doing the bidding for Vladimir Putin"


I couldn’t possibly agree more with Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) on this – Menendez is a f’ing disgrace and has got to go, immediately!

“Absolutely, absolutely [Sen. Menendez should resign immediately]; this is an issue of ensuring that our voters, the American people, those who send us to do the work for the American people on Capitol Hill, believe in us. It’s also incredibly important that on the global stage that international leaders do not…even have a hint of an expectation that they can buy any sort of influence with American members of Congress. So certainly he is innocent until proven guilty, but this indictment is damning and he should resign…I’m a former intelligence officer…and as you just outlined it…it is absolutely devastating, it is shameful…abhorrent that there would be any elected member of Congress…who would in any way jeopardize the public trust and…also our own national security, and to do so for their own personal gain, is abhorrent…Certainly as a former intel officer…in the simplest of terms, yes [it sounds like espionage].” 

And also this:

“Well strategically, certainly anytime [the Ukrainians] are able to successfully strike at the Russians, that is helpful to their long-term goal of not only defeating the Russians and expelling them from Ukraine, but demonstrating to the world the United States, Canada and our other allies the world over that they are committed to winning, that they are committed to the fight for their own democracy and for their own freedom…They have to, their freedom and democracy as a concept, as a reality on the ground in Ukraine and American values depend on it, and certainly there is bipartisan support for continued support of Ukraine. We have seen significant wavering and certainly there are extraneous voices within the Republican Party doing the bidding for Vladimir Putin, but there are still more committed folks on both sides of the aisle who are loudly confidently and concretely committed to the support of Ukraine and their efforts to win this war”


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