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If You Vote to Put Republicans in Charge, THIS Is What You’ll Get – Chaos, Extremism, Threats of Violence, Insurrection. The Answer: Vote DEMOCRATIC, in EVERY Election!

"So in truth, blame the entire Republican Party"; They "don't even seem to have any stupid ideas"


If, for whatever warped reason(s), you vote to put Republicans in charge – whether of the country or the Commonwealth – THIS is what you’ll get – chaos, extremism, threats of violence, insurrection, etc. The answer: Vote DEMOCRATIC, in EVERY election, up and down your ballot! Obviously, that includes the November 7th elections here in Virginia for the House of Delegates, State Senate and important local offices (Board of Supervisors, School Board, etc.). So…have you voted yet? Have you reminded everyone you know to do the same? If not, do so today if possible!



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