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HuffPo Scoop: Police Reports, Audio Show SD27 Republican Nominee Tara Durant “instigated a confrontation with [peaceful] protesters” and “tried to hit them with her car as they stood in a crosswalk”

Needless to say, someone like this should NOT hold public office!


It shouldn’t even have to be said, but obviously, someone who threatens to run over peaceful protesters with their car should NOT hold public office, let alone be in the Virginia State Senate. And yet, that’s exactly what right-wing-Republican SD27 nominee Tara Durant did, according to this new story in the HuffPo:

“…newly obtained documents relating to Durant’s 911 call, in addition to an interview with a protester who was present during Durant’s supposed assault, tell a different story of what happened that day ― one that suggests Durant has been significantly exaggerating.

HuffPost reviewed copies of police reports, obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, that suggest Durant instigated a confrontation with protesters, who regularly held peaceful demonstrations in the area, and that she tried to hit them with her car as they stood in a crosswalk.

According to the police reports ― which characterize the protest as peaceful, with ‘no arrests or property damage’ ― witnesses told police there was a car being aggressive toward protesters in the same intersection where Durant was located, at the same time she was there.

Beyond that, the full recording of Durant’s 911 call includes an exchange where she says she is prepared to run people over. These portions of the audio were selectively edited out of Carlson’s TV segment.

At one point during the call, the police officer on the line is calmly telling an audibly upset Durant not to hit demonstrators with her car. Durant responds: ‘Well, I will. I absolutely will.’”

Check out the following exchange between Durant and a police officer on the phone:

Police officer: “You’re going to have to slowly get through the protest”
Tara Durant: “OK, am I going to get arrested when I keep going?”
Police officer: “You’re not allowed to hit people…
Tara Durant: “I absolutely will and I need to get out of here”
Police officer: “OK, ma’am, you cannot hit people with your car…”

So…again, ask yourself if you think this person has any business holding public office, let alone in the VA State Senate. Oh, and if you live in SD27, make sure you vote for Democrat Joel Griffin on or before November 7th!


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