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Video: On MSNBC, Rep. Jennifer McClellan (D-VA04) Explains What’s at Stake in Tuesday’s VA Elections; Says “[Speaker] Mike Johnson is just Jim Jordan in a suit jacket”


Good stuff by Rep. Jennifer McClellan (D-VA04) this morning on the Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart. That includes Rep. McClellan’s 100% accurate comment that “Mike Johnson is just Jim Jordan in a suit jacket.” Also from Rep. McClellan:

  • “I’m hearing my constituents do not want an abortion ban, they don’t want to roll back the progress we’ve made on reproductive rights, voting rights and a slew of issues when  Democrats were in contro,l but in particular they’re concerned about losing their rights if Governor Youngkin gets a Republican rrifecta and adopts an abortion.”
  • [If Youngkin gets a trifecta], “first of all it would mean that from New Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean, there’s nowhere where you c ould go to get an abortion if you need one…basically you would say in the South, if you face a health care decision and you and your provider feel an abortion is the best choice for your particular situation, you’re out of luck.”
  •  “[President Obama] understands what’s at stake. When Democrats had the trifecta in Virginia, we made generational progress on reproductive rights, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, worker rights, addressing climate action, addressing gun violence. And
    all of that progress is on the ballot…”
  • [Youngkin’s voter purge is] just another example of how the Youngkin administration has tried to roll back access to voting…the local electoral boards are controlled by Republicans in many locations, they roll back early voting hours including most of them not doing Sunday voting…”
  • On Mike Johnson: “It’s been chaos and and MAGAism all over again. I mean, he is the poster child for MAGA Republicans. Every bill that he has put forward has been a hyperpartisan…the Appropriations bill or the Israel aid bill that has included poison pills…so I think we basically got in Speaker Johnson, Jim Jordan in a suit jacket.”
  •  “The United States has not ever conditioned aid to Israel. I think we need to  continue to push as hard as we can though for humanitarian aid in the area, what is happening to civilians in Gaza and in Israel is horrific and we need to do whatever we can to stem stem these losses.”


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