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Donald Trump Tried to Destroy Our Democracy, Illegally Stay in Power; Now Wants to Be a Dictator. Glenn Youngkin’s Like, Sure, I’ll Support Him!


Anyone who ever claimed that Glenn Youngkin was a “moderate,” or a “normie Republican,” or non-Trumpist, etc.  was obviously and massively wrong at the time – not that any of them will ever admit that they were wrong, let alone apologize/retract/etc. But if they ever WERE going to do any of those things, today would be a great day to do so, given what Youngkin said this morning. Seriously, check out this sick, warped, delusional, amoral, repulsive shit from Youngkin.

By the way, remember that in 2021, Youngkin told us repeatedly and publicly who he was – and everyone should have listened!  For instancce, Youngkin said clearly that “President Trump represents so much of why I’m running,” and also, “They said this guy is like Donald Trump, I said thank you very much.”  Also remember, in 2022, Youngkin campaigned around the country and around Virginia for some of the most extreme, far-right candidates out there, such as Kari Lake in Arizona, Paul LePage in Maine, Hung Cao and Yesli Vega in Virginia, etc. So yeah, anyone who ever called Youngkin a “normie Republican” or a “moderate” or whatever should be apologizing right now (but don’t hold your breath waiting for them to do so). Oh, and anyone in the media who normalized/whitewashed Youngkin, claimed he was a “mystery date,” acted as his campaign’s stenographer, etc., should really REALLY not be in the journalism business…


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